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Hammond H 44 Pro HP Hyper Power

Acoustic / Electric Melodion / Melodica

H-44 HP Hammond
hamond 44 hp detail 2
hamond 44 hp detail

The newest member of the Hammond-Suzuki Melodion family is the 44HP or â high- Power  model. Taking the 44 a step beyond, the 44HP has new reeds that give a brighter, louder sound. The perforated body allows more  sound to escape, making this model perfect for electric band use. Like  the 44, the 44HP has a built-in microphone, and comes with a padded gig  bag, 3 different mouthpieces and cleaning cloth.This deluxe Melodion is  the first to sport a 44-note keyboard and a built-in microphone with  volume control. Its strong yet lightweight construction is built to  last, like any Hammond. Its tone is warm and deep, from the phosphor  bronze reeds.It Comes with padded gig bag, 3 different mouthpieces and  cleaning cloth.

Hammond HA 44 info I
Hammond HA 44 info II

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