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Hammond Melodica / Melodion

Mod. Pro H- 44 Acoustic / Electric Melodion

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hammond Pro 44 H II
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HA 44 Pro elektr.
Pro 44 H
H-44 Hammond
hammond Pro 44 H III

H44 Electric Melodion

 The Hammond 44 is the finest, most deluxe and most versatile Melodion (Keyboard Harmonica) ever produced. Designed in collaboration with leading Harmonica manufacturer Suzuki Musical Inst. Mfg. Co., Ltd. the Hammond 44 offers many unique features that will compliment all facets of music.
Pops, Jazz, Roots, Rock, Country, Blues, Latin, Reggae, World/Ethnic and Folk... the Hammond 44 is perfect for all of these genres.

The Hammond 44 is the first Melodion that incorporates a built-in Dynamic Microphone (Patent Pending) which creates less mechanical noise compared to an external microphone and an exceptional clear reed sound with H.D. Quality Sound reproduction. This unique microphone creates a very warm and deep sound that can't be matched by an external microphone.

The Hammond 44 incorporates the first 44 note piano style keyboard on a Melodion instrument. The lowest keyboard note is c and ends at g3. This wider range keyboard is especially useful when playing the Acoustic/Electric Melodion in a solo performance.

The keyboard has a slightly shallow key stroke compared to other keyboard products. This aids the musician when fast fingering or glissandos are required.

There are three types of mouthpieces included with the Hammond 44. With the Short mouthpiece and hand-strap, you can play the Hammond 44 upright like a trumpet, or use the Flexible mouthpiece to hold the 44 at arm's length, sling the 44 on like a guitar (with a guitar strap and the included strap buttons). Using the L Joint long mouthpiece you can play it as a table-top instrument, with the option of putting it on top of your organ, piano or synth.

The review on Hammond Melodion 44 in Keyboardmag (USA)click here to view
The Hammond 44  Melodion has taken Pro Musicians by storm. Everyone wants to play this new and exciting instrument. Here are a few words from some of the greats who were the first to take delivery of the Hammond 44 Pro Melodion
DONALD FAGEN (Steely Dan)Iloved the Pro 44 Melodion - nice sound, nice action --I plan on using it on stage this summer -- - great product .
PAUL RICHARDS (California Guitar Trio)That thing is awesome!
ANDY LAVERNE (Prominent Jazz artist and Educator)I love the silky smooth action, and the sweet tone!
DAVID WITHAM (West coast Progressive Jazz Master)The Hammond 44 Melodion is my latest secret weapon! The extended range makes it fun to both solo and comp on, and it's a great reminder to us keyboard players that breathood thing

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